3D printing (by Mathilde Berchon & Bertier Luyt)

If you’re looking for a book while you’re perfecting your tan on the beaches of Bora Bora, we suggest you learn a little more about 3D printing techniques and its applications. Released last week, this 200-page guide was concocted by two specialists: Mathilde Berchon (a consultant specializing in 3D printing and open hardware) and Bertier Luyt (founder of FabShop). You can find below a video recorded last May of Bertier Luyt presenting his project and his career during the conference “Le Nouvel Artisanat” in Paris.

Official book description and summary:

A new industrial revolution? 3D printing, which creates objects by superimposing thin layers of material, is a rapidly growing technology. Long reserved for high-tech industries, it has recently been democratized with the arrival on the market of less expensive and faster printers, as well as a more varied choice of printable materials. This first French book on the subject gives a complete overview, from the different processes to the types of machines, from the multiple fields of application (design, architecture, medicine, food industry…) to the practical advice for individuals. It explains why this new manufacturing method is likely to have a tremendous impact on our society, by challenging the entire traditional production chain.

Who is this book for? – All makers, tinkerers, geeks, designers, artists, inventors… – Individuals or decision-makers who want to use 3D printing in their daily lives or businesses.
On www.serialmakers.com Download 3D files of ready-to-print objects – Consult the complements (useful links, news, etc.)

CONTENTS: What is 3D printing? – 3D printing in brief – The different processes – Types of 3D printers – 3D printing materials – 3D printing in practice – The modeling and preparation phase – The printing phase – The finishing phase – Applications
and perspectives – 3D printing for individuals – 3D printing for companies – The third industrial revolution?

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