Adebeo flew to the 3D BaseCamp 2018!

A part of the Adebeo team flew to the United States for 10 days, including three days in Palm Springs to attend the SketchUp 3D BaseCamp!
Denis, Alan, Christelle and myself flew out on September 21st at 6am, and we were all super fresh
And we landed in Los Angeles, at 12:30 pm local time! The first day was spent lounging at the beach and Venice Beach. The next day, we eagerly searched for your future SketchUp trainers, you won’t be disappointed:

And we have provided sketchup training to some very special trainees:

After an evening in Las Vegas (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas), we hit the road for 3 intense days dedicated to SketchUp!

We were able to meet people from the SketchUp world, we were able to interview Justin, creator of the Youtube channel dedicated to learning SketchUp (but in English!). We discussed with Mark, from the company Matterport, a 3D scanner of the future! We stayed in the future by trying the new HTC Vive Pro, the HP computer that wears like a backpack and the “Unreal” rendering technology, it was totally amazing!
We talked with our partners Kubity, who were in Palm Springs to show their new products (and ESPECIALLY, the biggest sponsors of the BaseCamp event!)

We had a demonstration and a rendering from Lumion!
After these three days of intense SketchUp, the Adebeo team left for a last night in Los Angeles, and I think Denis found a nice little spot for future SketchUp training sessions:

And we rather liked it:

Despite the nice weather, the drive to get coffee in the morning, the vocal fry, the onion rings, the beach, we came back for your greatest pleasure dear SketchUpeuses and SketchUpeurs!