Character tutorial in SketchUp 2D

The video of the tutorial is at the end of the text explanation

SketchUp, the famous three-dimensional modeling software licensed by Adebeo, may seem complicated to learn. It is perfect for designers and architects, but its photo editing skills are underestimated. In reality, dozens of possibilities exist thanks to 2D image processing. The 2D features of SketchUp design software make it a great workspace for any designer. Find out how to use the toolbar to take advantage of SketchUp 2D!

For example, you can create your own 2D character using the SketchUp 2D design software. The editing of this one is accessible to beginners and executable with simple right-click, without creating a tag (layer).

Create a 2D character with SketchUP 2D


You can learn with the help of this tutorial how to create a 2D character. First, take a picture of the desired person, regardless of the image format. Then you need to import it into SketchUp 2D as an image or export it to someone with the license. You then need to resize the image and rotate/crop it to the desired position. Drag your character onto the main axis of SketchUp 2D.  Then use the line tool and hijack the character with your cursor. Hijacking an image is very easy thanks to the different line drawing, brush and eraser tools, in order to get the best possible quality. You can change the contours of the person as needed. Right click on your character and select “create a component”. Then check “always face the camera”. Finally, define the axes of your 2D creation.

You can also change the background color of the parts of the 2D character. Simply hijack the parts and select the color to apply. You can also adjust the size of your model by double-clicking on your character and selecting the meter tool. That’s it, the cropping is done and your model can be saved in skp format! You can repeat the operation with several images, correct the images, make elements transparent to facilitate cutting… SketchUp 2D becomes a photo editing software.

The possibilities offered by SketchUP 2D


ou can retouch the image in a more exhaustive way. You can insert it in backgrounds, multiply layers, day on the luminosity and graphics, complete with plugins, modify part of the photo and its clipping… It is also possible to invert the colors on the selected area and completely change the size of the image according to your desires. You can save your model, which will be ready for import and export to other SketchUp 2D licenses. A simple imported rectangle becomes a person with some touch-ups, ready to be compressed for export. Thanks to Adebeo, you can also follow SketchUp training courses, for 3D printing or wood for example. This will allow you to improve your skills with the help of the user interface.

Now you’re ready to cut out a photo and process a new image, no matter what its outline! The SketchUp 2D drawing software offers a myriad of possibilities, whether you’re a beginner or not. The image editing, the clear cutting of models, the simple tutorials, the sharpness of the 2D characters created regardless of their position in the background, are all arguments in favor of SketchUp 2D. This keeps SketchUp CAD software at the forefront and surpasses the best AutoCad software.