Client testimonial for contemporary furniture design

Following our SketchUp training, Ghislain d’ESCAYRAC from G-Designal, a specialist in contemporary furniture design, gives us his testimony.

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– Could you introduce yourself in a few words?
=> I am an ex-professional of the spectacle, reconverted for a few years in the design of contemporary furniture. The furniture in question has the particularity of being made to measure (in plaster) at the customer’s place. This one can be a private individual or a professional, my furniture having no limit of forms nor functions. My technique of shaping is to my knowledge unique, fruit of my years of experience in the spectacle. Clean sites, delivered on time, at the agreed price, are gradually making the reputation of G-Designal all over France.

– How did you discover SketchUp?
=> I discovered SketchUp a few years ago, by chance, while surfing the net, a little before Google became interested in it.

– How do you use SketchUp today, what do you use it for?
=> Today, I use SketchUp to elaborate with my clients a visual “to the dimension” of the furniture to come and especially of the space in which it is located. The 3D elevation is something very meaningful for them, they recognize their space (that I make a point of honor to copy as accurately as possible: radiators, pipes, sockets, opening, beams, etc. …). As the drawing progresses, we correct and elaborate the project together, until it seems possible to start the actual construction. This phase of my work on SketchUp is crucial, it allows us to get to know each other while becoming familiar with the space. It leads to a dialogue, and it allows me to present my working method in a very clear way.

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– What did the adebeo training do for you?
=> The adebeo training provided me with such a wealth of information that after four years on SketchUp, I literally felt like I had a new piece of software. There were a lot of shortcuts and crucial details that were completely new to me. SketchUp, although extraordinarily intuitive and simple in appearance, is nevertheless frighteningly complex, remarkably precise… Adebeo allowed me to take the next step: a giant leap!

Ghislain  d’ESCAYRAC, G-Designal