Customer testimonial: display, advertising and store layout.

Clément Charreyron of Ergica, a company specializing in the manufacture of wire displays for shopfitting and POP, gives us his testimony:

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– Could you introduce yourself in a few words (you, your activity, your background, your specialty)?
I’m Clément Charreyron, I’m 21 years old and I’m a sales and marketing assistant in the ERGICA company. The ERGICA company is located in Saulce-sur-Rhône in the Drôme. This company is specialized in the manufacture of metal display units and mainly in metal wire for different sectors (layout, exhibition, POS, tools, publishing). We have a range of “standard” products but we also manufacture specific custom products according to the specifications of our customers. I obtained my BTS in Management of Commercial Units in July 2012, which I did in a work-study program. My specialty is sales consulting.

– How did you discover SketchUp?
I discovered SketchUp when I joined ERGICA in August 2012.

– How do you use Sketchup today and what do you use it for?
This software allows me to create 3D visuals. Indeed, for specific products that we quote, the 3D allows customers to visualize the product. It avoids misunderstandings and shows what the product will look like once it is finished. This is a real strength for our business. Because we don’t do 3D every day. Because it’s so easy to use, it’s very easy to create new products, even if we only use it 3 or 4 times a month. And even if I am not a 3D specialist, this tool has become indispensable for the realization of 3D visuals.


– What did adebeo do for you?
Unfortunately, I can’t answer the question “What did adebeo bring you?” because I’m not the one who received the training. In fact, I am replacing a person who is on maternity leave. I had a one-week training session with the person I’m replacing, and the learning curve was instantaneous.

All that to say, this software is a marvel!
If you have a bit of imagination, a product to realize, you can do everything with SketchUp.


Clément Charreyron to Ergica society.