Export plugin from SketchUp to Sketchfab


We recently told you about SketchFab and the manual export to COLLADA: SketchFab, a 3D viewer in your browser. This plugin now allows you to export directly from SketchUp.

Adebeo offers you here a tutorial to learn how to install and use the plugin of the best CAD software.


Let’s start with the basics, installing the SketchUp 3D modeling software plug-in. The download link is as follows:¬†SketchfabUploader_1-1.rbz. Once you have your .rbz file, we will install it in SketchUp. To do this, we go to our “window” menu and into “preferences” (or “SketchUp” “preferences” if you have a Mac). In this window we will open the “Extensions” tab and at the bottom left we have our “Install extension” button.

installer un plugin

All you have to do is to go and get the plugin and click on “open”. Now that your plugin is installed, you can use it from the “File” menu and in “Upload to SketchFab”. Before using this plugin we will need our “secret api-key”. To do this you need to log in and go to your Dashboard. Once on your Dashboard you will see on your right your secret key, this is the one we will need. So you have to copy it (select, right-click, copy).

secret api-key Sketchfab

Now we can go back into SketchUp and we’ll go to the “File” menu and “Upload to Sketchfab”. You will get this window that opens :
Sketchfab Uploader

It is in this window that you will copy your “secret api-key” which will be used by SketchFab to know who is sending the file and therefore put it in the right place. After filling in the title, etc., you click on “Submit Model”. You may get a request to download a file, this is a bug in the plugin that will be fixed soon. In order to see the new versions of the plugin I invite you to look from time to time at the page of the creator of the plugin: http://www.alexschreyer.net/projects/sketchfab-uploader-plugin-for-sketchup/

This plugin is licensed under the GPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html) created and distributed for free by Alexander Schreyer.

The result of this little tutorial is here


The benefits of SketchFab

SketchFab is an extension of the 3D modeling software SketchUp with several functions. It allows you to save several types of files as skp and extract some of them as you wish. The extracted file can have its visualization enhanced as a 3D model. The license is compatible with Mac and Windows, you just need to have a browser that supports WebGL.

SketchFab’s improved document import and export capabilities make the 3D design software even more powerful. You can now import and export digital files and models much more easily. This increased compatibility of export, files and your Mac or PC makes everything faster and easier. You also increase your yields and margins with this improved compatibility. Your employees will gain a better skill set with these easier exports. The increased rendering is also a great asset. This can be combined with rendering plugins that can raise the level of your rendering engine! Finally, there is another benefit to be mentioned: 3D printing. Optimizing exports from SketchUp makes it easier to use a 3D printer. The SketchFab extension takes SketchUp Pro 3D design software to a whole new level!

Why choose SketchUp? The performance of the software compared to its competitors


SketchUp is the best design, architecture and animation software on the market. Its performance is further enhanced by plug-ins such as SketchFab. This versatility makes the best Autocad software, from Dassault Group’s SolidWorks to Blender, all seem obsolete. The specificities of Maya, the Bim-based software, the SolidWorks software of Dassault-Syst√®mes, Archicad are now surpassed. Among all the cao softwares, none is more adapted to the work of the designers as well as the architects and draftsmen. A Solidworks or AutoCad training does not allow to create objects with such a realistic rendering. As for the autocad training or the performance of another Dao software, they will not be enough to create a technical drawing as powerful. Touch up your creations like in Photoshop, get a better rendering than in Solid Edge, surpass AutoCad software…

On Windows and Mac, there is no construction software capable of editing a 2D or 3D drawing with such quality. The design software can be used for product design without any difficulty. A designer and developer will be able to design prototypes with 3D rendering impacting product development. Among all the architectural and autocad software, there is none that can design such realistic 3D drawings. There is simply no better planning or design software. Anyone who wants to use cao-dao software will be delighted with the performance of SketchUp.

Why choose SketchUp? Learning


Modeling has never been easier thanks to computer-aided design. In addition to a variety of tutorials, Adebeo offers many SketchUp training courses to learn how to master the software. Graphic designers will be able to draw in 3D and animate clear structures, architects will have access to a perfect modeling tool… Engineering professions will benefit from quick assembly design with 3D CAD (computer aided design). No matter what your profession is, SketchUp is an essential tool. Manage the parametric of your assemblies even as a beginner, master the geometry of your creations thanks to the user interface, access additional licenses… Importing models from libraries such as 3D Warehouse or mastering 3D printers will be easy thanks to training courses. Getting to grips with the architectural software will be a breeze with the SketchUp training course. Beginners will have no trouble simulating a 3D design with such design tools at their disposal. The fao SketchUp software has all the advantages for creating technical drawings with advanced parametric design via a modern design tool. A beginner as well as an architect, designer, developer will be happy with it!


Why choose SketchUp? The benefits


Model structures in a variety of formats and geometric standards, learn extrusion and the use of computer aided drafting. Understand how mechanical design and file import works. Discover a clear design program that characterizes a 3D tool superior to other software. Learn how to make advanced drawings and realistic simulations. Design polygons by controlling their surface aspect, master the visuals of your creations. Digitizing people or existing objects is easy and helps create accurate models with strong customization.

If SketchUp allows you to design the model of your dreams, its plugins allow you to design the perfect model. With photo-realistic rendering, easy export, improved yields and margins, SketchUp becomes the essential tool for all your projects. License SketchUp Pro drafting software to master the design process in an instant. From the development process of the industrial design to its prototyping with printing or importing on another device, you will control everything. With its extensions and attributes, the 3D design enabled by SketchUp CAD software remains the market leader. Do you want to design a digital model accessible to beginners and professionals alike? SketchUp Pro 3D software is for you! Master your model’s three-dimensional environments with the unrivaled technical drawing software, SketchUp.