Extension SketchUp – Texture Google Maps

Increase your texture with this add-on on SketchUp, with Google Earth !

A tuto made with love & passion, just for you !

Manipulation :

  • Let’s go to Google Map, search the area you want.
  • Do a screen shot.
  • Save the file.
  • Go to the extension, create a file ‘.kml’
  • Open the file. It’s open in Google Earth Pro and Google Earth Pro is free !

Export the texture :

  • file
  • save image
  • choose the MAXIMUM size
  • Spot your 4 pins, it’s your textures screenshot
  • Don’t forget to save your image.

Go back to SketchUp:

  • right clic
  • file
  • import all pictures & use as a texture
  • And then, juste click en drag your four pins.