How to make a roof on SketchUp with a mansard

The 3D modeling software SketchUp opens a wide range of possibilities for all architects and engineers. Whether it’s for drawing realistic plans or schematics with complex geometry, SketchUp is essential for many professions. Drawing a schematic with the roof angles respected and the roof respected down to the last gable is not easy. Fortunately, SketchUp and its toolbar ranging from eraser and pencil to extrusion is there for that! If you’re wondering how to make a roof in SketchUp, Adebeo offers a tutorial and SketchUp training to solve this problem. So, let’s go for a “how to make a roof on SketchUp with mansard” tutorial!

How to make a roof on SketchUp step by step

  • We start by taking the heights of the building where we want to build a mansard with the pencil tool. We place a point on the side of the two lengths of the building. A third point was also placed while building the model.
  • We use the section plane tool and place it on the building. We use the rotation tool and click and drag between the two points we have placed. Now we can rotate the section plane to the third point.
  • Right click on the section plane and create a grouped section slice. We can then remove the section plane.
  • Right click then explode, and delete the useless faces.
  • We create segments with the edges, we create a group with the whole model, then we shift the edges to form the wall of the attic.And that’s it! The tutorial “how to make a roof in SketchUp” has no more secrets for you. You can also make a more complex model using the video tutorial.

Other SketchUp tutorials and training

You were able to make a SketchUp tutorial for architects. However, you can still make more complex dimensions, more realistic digital models, and get to know the software. Adebeo offers many training courses to learn how to use the software and its extensions! If you want to learn how to use V-Ray and the rendering engines, the V-Ray training is for you. If you want to get to grips with the software, the SketchUp CPF training is for you. And if you want to learn how to interact with wood, or use a 3D printer, the SketchUp wood and 3D printing training is here.

Designing in 3D with the best CAD (Computer Aided Design) software will be easy thanks to the trainings. And the other software of cao-dao or animation do not hold the road. Indeed, Solidworks from Dassault, Maya, Autocad, Blender, Archicad, Photoshop do not have the tools to compete. Import and export models, simulate a realistic industrial design, visualize house plans, SketchUp can do it all. Whether you’re an architect, designer, engineer, designer, landscaper, or just starting out, SketchUp and its user interface are for you! Get a permanent license and training from Adebeo.