Linking Sketchup and a Philips HUE lamp


Adebeo presents today an eminently useless plugin that is therefore completely too cool. This plugin was programmed and presented at Sketchup Hereos 2014.

Adebeo-Alexandra-Hue allows to link Sketchup to Philips Hue lamps. The principle is to control the lighting and the color of the bulbs from sketchup. I change the color of the bulb in Sketchup in blue then the lamp lights in blue, …


like all Sketchup plugins:

  • Download the Sketchup-Hue plugin here.
  • launch Sketchup
  • on pc window: “preference/extension
  • on mac Sketchup: “preference/extension
  • click on the “install extension” button
  • select the “adebeo-hue.rbz


  • To connect to each light, Sketchup needs 2 things. The IP address of the “Bridge” and an authorized user name.
  • Let’s start with the IP address of the bridge. To do this, click on this link and read the IP address. You have to copy this IP address and copy it in the menu plugin/hue/option “Bridge IP”.
  • Then you have to fill in a user name. Be careful the user needs to be authorized so the first time you will need to press the bridge button. A message warns you.


  • You can control up to 50 lights. Sketchup makes the link between lights and materials thanks to the name of the materials. The material “light1” will drive light 1, “light2” will drive light 2, “lightX” will drive light x, … So rename your driving materials to “lightX”.
  • Activate the observer on materials with the menu plugin/hue/light observer. We advise you to deactivate the observer once finished because the observer on materials is a source of problems (VRAY 1.49 users know well the numerous bugs generated by this observer)
  • Take the paint can
    • On PC, in the edition tab, change the color of the material light1 for example…… Oh the light changes color.
    • On Mac, double click on the light1 material for example, go to the color wheel and change the color. Oh the light changes color…… Oh the light changes color.

A short history

The plugin was coded on an idea of Bertier from the Fabshop in the 2 hours train from Lyon to Paris to go to the maker-faire. The plugin is called Adebeo-Alexandra-Hue because on our booth, the wife of a customer asked us what the plugin would be called. We decided to name it “Alexandra”, …

The project is available on gitHub.