Meeting the creator of Lyon 1700

New on Adebeo’s Youtube page! We met one of the actors of the SketchUp community, Fabrice Pothier. His project named Lyon 1700 is now an association in relation with the city’s history museum (Gadagne museum). The goal is to recreate in 3D the Lyon peninsula which is located between the Rhône and the Saône using the famous modeling software.

A titanic work since there are very few traces and buildings left from this period. This led to a lot of research work in the local archives in search of plans or complete information on this subject. It was thus possible to bring back to life parts of the city that had disappeared. With the help of a team of enthusiasts, the final goal would be to create an application for touch tablets allowing to geolocalize in the city center and thus to have a virtual, concrete and playful vision of the history of the peninsula.

It is in the heart of Old Lyon that Fabrice Pothier explained us for this video the bases of his project through the technical side (his use of SketchUp) then historical to better understand what was Lyon more than 300 years ago. You will find on the blog of Lyon 1700 a lot of models to see the progress of the project accompanied by historical explanations.

Interview with a passionate person who uses technology to serve history.

Lyon en 1700