SketchUp Extension Programming

The plugin that meets your needs

You are an expert in your field and you need a tailor-made extension; only you do not have time to develop it. The Adebeo developer team takes the time to identify your need and code for you a SketchUp extension that meets your expectations!

As there are many extension ideas, we offer a list (not exhaustive) of what Adebeo team has developed for SketchUp Pro:

  • Data report: quantity footage, area
  • Automated Product Modeling Tool
  • Installing projectors with configuration management and photorealistic rendering.
  • Import Sketchup to an ERP: (accounting and production database): get your item codes
  • Export Sketchup to your ERP: publish your pdf in your ERP
  • Import/export your CRM data: Geolocate your customers and prospects in Google Earth
  • Import/export GMAO: Locate your machines and parts in a 3D workshop
  • Import/export machining machine: import / export your models to machining software
  • Import/export your Sketchup models with planning software: like MSproject / Gant project

Feel free to share your ideas with our Sketchup programmers!

Steps to make a plugin

  • Specification of the plugin. We identify your need, your expectations to make your work easier.
  • Writing the code.
  • Test on multiple environments. What we call the “beta” phase.
  • Writing of the documentation, realization of a demo video of the plugin.
  • Shipping.

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