Transfer a Thearender license from one machine to another


You are the lucky owner of a Thearender license and you want to use it on several machines (but not at the same time otherwise you have to buy several licenses).

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make sure you have your original activation codes
  2. On the machine where Thea is installed, it is necessary to go to TheaStudio (“” on Mac), in the “Help/Licence Form” menu. Go to the “Misc” tab then:
    1. If the change of machine is definitive, click on the “clear Licence” button.
    2. If the change of machine is one-time, click on the “Export License” button, choose a file name where the license information will be stored, then click on “clear License”.
  3. Close Thearender.
  4. On the machine where you want to activate Thearender (and where you have installed Thearender and its plugin), go to Theastudio in the “Help/Licence Form” menu. Activate your license again like the first time.
  5. If you want to reactivate the license on the original computer. Repeat step 2 but to activate the license you can import the license file earlier than re-entering the codes provided during the installation.

Export Licence Thearender