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The layout extension for 3D modeling

With the Splitator extension for Sketchup Pro software, bring your flooring to life in 2 clicks! A tile floor? A parquet floor? A paneling ? Visualize the expected rendering in a few seconds.

Calepinage : definition and utility

The calepinage is a technical term very much used by professional tilers or carpenters. It refers to the action of drawing a plan representing the material to be installed (tiles, paneling, parquet …) before its installation. Traditionally, it is with a paper and a pencil that we draw the plan of the room by respecting the measures and dimensions. With Splitator, offer a professional and reliable rendering in a few seconds.

The layout has several functions:

  • Visualize and correctly implement the patterns formed by the tile according to its installation, its color or its frieze
  • Plan the joints and their shapes
  • Plan the quantities of materials to be purchased

The fast and error-free CAD layout software

SPLITATOR is an extension designed to save you precious time. You will only find it at Adebeo, the specialist of 3D modeling software Sketchup.

The tool is very easy to use:

  1. Select the SPLITATOR tool
  2. Choose a measurement: simply enter the desired length and width of the rectangles, separating them with a semicolon
  3. Press ” ENTER “.
  4. You have just drawn a layout of the previously entered value. The layout will be aligned with the nearest edge and will start at the nearest point.
  5. By pressing “ALT” on the Mac or “CTRL” on the PC, the orientation of the layout will be reversed

The SPLITATOR layout tool works on any surface: floor, terrace, wall, stairs… Like Sketchup, it works in Mac or PC environment.

The license is annual




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