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What are materials on SketchUp?

Materials are like paintings that consist of an optional color and a texture (defined in an image file). The materials can then be applied to different surfaces in SketchUp. You can give a wood, metal, stone, fabric or other aspect to give life to your model.

Once you have applied a material you have several options:

  • Replace one material with another: Select a new material in the Materials palette and use the paint pot tool to replace an existing material.
  • Change the material: You can independently change the color and texture. For the color you can change the tone and opacity. And for texture you can change the size, orientation and layout of the image.
  • Calculate the required material area: Once you have applied a material to a surface, you can click on it to see the area. So you can calculate the amount of material needed for your projects.

Why should you care about materials on SketchUp?

Whether you are in architecture, interior design, mastery or layout, you need to showcase your work in 3D. The materials allow a first step towards reality and to immerse your customers in your projects.

In addition, if the textures have enough resolution, you can easily use them in photo-realistic rendering with TheaRender, V-Ray and Enscape plugins.

SketchUp has a library with several basic materials with low quality textures. But you can go further in your projects with high-quality images…

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SketchUp quality materials for all your projects

No need to search for high definition materials for your projects: Equip yourself with the Adebeo material library for SketchUp Pro.

The SketchUp library by Adebeo is suited for the following sectors:

  • 3D Modeler,
  • Architect,
  • Interior designer,
  • Graphic designer
  • Set designer,
  • Landscape architect,

Showcase your creations with a complementary, varied and high-quality library of materials.

Install the library and in 2 clicks access to the different subjects.

As the textures used are in high definition, no need to rework or resize them for your photo-realistic rendering.

Faites confiance à Adebeo, la référence SketchUp.

The material library for SketchUp Pro Adebeo is:

  • A file all set, easy to install,
  • 6 2D fillings,
  • 65 Tiles, parquet, bricks, fabrics
  • 240 paintings in original shades,
  • 1341 reference colours RAL and PANTONE,
  • Available on Mac and PC

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