Client testimonial – Sandrine Laskawiec, lifestyle designer

After having followed our SketchUp training, Sandrine Laskawiec, creator of art of living, agency L’Créa, brings us her testimony:

Agence L'Créa logo

– Could you introduce yourself in a few words (you, your activity, your background, your specialty)?
I am a creator of Art of Living, I advise and resell the products that I propose to my customers. My background: BTS Action Commerciale then creation of a company specialized in the XXth century reedition followed by the creation of the agency L’Créa in 2006.

– How did you discover SketchUp?
I discovered SkechUp through Google..

– How do you use SketchUp today and what do you use it for?
I use SketchUp to make all my creations in 3D so that my clients can visualize their future interior.

rdc sketchup

– What is the strength of SketchUp in your business?
A 3D accurate, handy and importable everywhere, a free software that can be downloaded at the customer’s place. I made a presentation on a large screen and it only took me a few minutes to download the software on their workstation and make the desired modifications in real time.

– What has adebeo done for you?
Excellent training directly related to my job. The trainer adapted to each person in the room and gave us tips and a working method adapted to each one. Permanent support after the training, a very good atmosphere during the whole week.

Sandrine Laskawiec, agency L’Créa.