SketchUp programming

The plugin that meets your needs

The developments on Sketchup are infinite. Here are some examples:

  • Data report: quantity, size, surface,
  • Automatic product modeling tool.
  • Import from Sketchup to an ERP (accounting and production database): retrieve your item codes
  • Export from Sketchup to your ERP: publish your pdf in your ERP
  • CRM data import/export: geolocalize your customers and prospects in Google Earth
  • Import/export CMMS: locate your machines and parts in a 3D workshop
  • Machining machine import/export: Import/export your models to machining software
  • Import/export your Sketchup models with a planning software like MSproject/Gant project

Share your ideas with our Sketchup programmers !

Performance and efficiency: the basics of a plugin entrusted to Adebeo

Adebeo offers programming services on Google Sketchup, Google Earth :

The steps to create a plugin are :

  1. Specification of the plugin. What input data, what output actions of the plugin?
  2. Writing the code,
  3. Testing on several environments,
  4. Writing the documentation, making a video,
  5. Delivery.

Develop your own plugins!

Adebeo offers 3 days training on Sketchup ruby API

Prerequisites: programming notions (loop and condition, HTML) and notion of using Google Sketchup.

An example: Optisketch

Export from sketchup to opticoupe

Use dynamic components!

Our programmers realize and train to the realization of dynamic components on Google Sketchup : Sketchup modeling.