Since 2017, SketchUp Make is no longer renewed and thus leaves a community of users in mourning. Fortunately, as of 2019, the new version of SketchUp Make is renamed SketchUp Free and no longer requires downloading and installing software. This new free version of Sketchup is an online interface. Linked to a Trimble Connect account, save and share your Sketchup projects with a click.

Sketchup free download to model in 3D in 1 click

Designed with a user interface suitable for Internet Explorer and other search engines, the free Sketchup Download version has all the necessary assisted design tools to create three-dimensional projects… with no installation required and compatible with all environments (under Windows and Mac OS). A parametric revolution in the world of 3D CAD software! Thus, you will be able to import your models directly via the online application, regardless of your processor, ram and graphics card.

One hour FREE training to learn the basics of SketchUp

Sketchup Free Download is an online 3D modeling software. It is the free version of Google Sketchup Pro, one of the best 3D design and drawing software. With our Free Sketchup Download training, learn the basics of 3D modeling from our certified trainers. Follow our video tutorial to discover the fundamentals of this CAD software, in order to implement them in your future projects (sketches, models or technical drawings for example).
This construction software allows you to create realistic drawings for various environments (cartography, landscaping, interior design…). Thus, editing 2D geometries in a 3D environment has never been so easy. Thanks to our professional and attentive training consultants, getting started with Sketchup Download free software will be extremely easy.

Discover the free sketchup download platform

In this one-hour evolutionary Sketchup Download training offered by your qualified training organization, Denis (your Adebeo expert) will teach you the basics to get started on Sketchup at the beginner level, according to your specific needs:

  • The famous “click and release” feature
  • Navigation tools, because 80% of clicks in Sketchup are navigation clicks
  • The different tools and terminologies of the interface (layers, model component library, dimensions, dimensioning, meshing…)

In this training, you will learn to:

  • Dimensioning in Sketchup
  • Creating a cone in Sketchup (modeling a lamp)
  • Move an object in Sketchup
  • Create a component, a group and rotate them (circles, diagonals…)
  • Change the units of measure in Sketchup (tip by Denis)
  • Use the different styles

Try Free SketchUp now or learn more about SketchUp in our dedicated article!