New logo for SketchUp

After Trimble acquired SketchUp, it made sense to change the logo, if only to remove the references to Google. A temporary solution was to replace the Google logo with the Trimble logo:

ancien logo Trimble SketchUp

But the SketchUp team was not satisfied with this solution, so they created a brand new logo:

Logo SketchUp
The icon for SketchUp changes from the little house with the pencil to something more “professional”.
ancien et nouveau logo SketchUp

The logo is declined for Layout and Style Builder, both available in the pro version. The Layout logo represents a top view of the Sketchup logo, you will notice that it forms an “L” for Layout. For Style Builder, we have a stylized view of the logo.
Logo Sketchup Layout Style Builder

Of course Trimble is not only working on the brand image. Several new features are planned and Denis will bring us fresh information from Basecamp 2012 which is taking place right now in Boulder.