Render-in installation procedure

Update: Render [in] has a new version, the latest version of quicktime works with it, you can find the download links on web.


The installation of render-in and its license requires the following procedures

Installation of Render-in:

  1. Check if QuickTime 7.7.2 or higher is installed? If yes, uninstall it (on PC delete the content of C:/users/admin/AppData/LocalLow/Apple Computer)
  2. Download Quicktime
  3. Install Quicktime from the download file
  4. Download RenderIN 2 here for PC, here for Mac
  5. Install RenderIN 2 (ok, ok, ok , ok, ……)
  6. Start Sketchup and enter the license number (see next procedure)

Installation of the Render-in license:

  1. You must have administrator rights to activate the product.
  2. : Temporarily disable the firewall on your computer
  3. : Temporarily disable antivirus on your computer
  4. : Temporarily disable UAC on your Windows 7 or Vista. After having UAC, please make sure you have restarted your computer.
  5.  Try to activate Render [in].

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any problem (if of course you bought render-in from us)