Skatter – Vegetation for SketchUp PRO


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The Skatter outdoor vegetation layout extension for Sketchup

Add grass via the Skatter library

herbe skatter

  • Easily add grass to your model.
  • Several choices of grass height.
  • Addition of flowers possible.

Add vegetation via SketchUp components


  • Choose your area.
  • Choose your SketchUp components
  • Your components are randomly integrated on your area.

Rendering only on stage

rendu scene uniquement skattez

  • Hide what comes out of the rendering scene
  • Reduce the number at the bottom of the image

Detection of object collision

collision skattez

  • Detects the size of the object
  • Handles object collisions

Painting a VEGETATION area

collision skattez

  • Choice of the area to be painted
  • Brush size
  • Paint the area

Skatter tutorial for SketchUp


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