SketchUp Wood Extensions by VMS_Up – Annual License


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The Sketchup extension for carpentry

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The VMS_Up extension pack is only available through your Adebeo expert. Developed to meet the specific needs of woodworking professionals, the extension allows you to create technical drawings modeled as expected.

The ideal package for furniture and woodwork modeling

The VMS-Up package is your new virtual woodworking shop. Developed to be faithful to your daily processe

such as mortise and tenon machining, domino or slat assembly, groove and molding machining, and hardware installation, the tool allows for faster, more accurate, and therefore higher quality modeling and design. All the operations that the carpenter performs on a daily basis will be greatly facilitated by tools that “speak” the language of carpentry. With the model designed in three dimensions, the nomenclature of each piece of wood and the execution drawings on the sides, the carpenter can leave for the workshop with the assurance that the manufacturing and assembly will proceed serenely.

The VMS-Up package, available only from Adebeo, allows the cabinetmaker and the carpenter to produce realistic and professional images, but also to generate side drawings. Thanks to the import of materials, you can draw your wood piece, insert your dimensions and then machine it efficiently. From the design of a frame to the design of drawers, everything is possible with this package dedicated to woodworking. Get out the chisel, the milling cutter, the saw and the vice, and let’s go for the cutting!

2 levels of access to the Sketchup Pro wood extension

VMS_Up is a pack of essential functionalities for the carpentry activity on a daily basis. Also, in order to accompany you as well as possible, the pack is available in free version on some features. Discover them!

  • Assembly
  • Creasing
  • Colorize Erase colors
  • Flow sheet
  • VMS_Up menu
  • Layout
  • Hardware
  • Symmetry and Rotation
  • Tenon and Mortise
  • Machining Slot and Moulding
  • Cutting sheet edition
  • Resize a part
  • Delete a hardware
  • Finger jointing
  • Tailpiece assembly
  • Screw assembly
  • Gendarme hat



  • View profiles
  • Add a material
  • Cut
  • Stretch
  • Make a notch
  • Modify an assembly
  • Where is it
  • Packing
  • Drilling
  • Tenon-Mortaise burst
  • Make identical to
  • Tenon and Mortise with shoulder reinforcement
  • Machining a contour
  • System 32 Assembly
  • Kreg screw assembly
  • Bouffetout
  • Boxes
  • Doweling
  • Machining to size



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